It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight - Vladimir Nabokov

Why did I become a celebrant? What is so special about this profession?

I am priveledged to meet wonderful people at a significant time of their lives, I share their excitement, their worries, and yes, even their sorrows. To be part of someone’s life at a major point in their journey and to help them achieve the dreams that they have is the best feeling in the world!

I established Occasions4u (ABN:35 944 707 399) because I saw a need to provide a quality ceremony crafted to fit with your beliefs and values. My aim is to provide a quality, personalised ceremony that meets the values of each of my clients.

In our conversations I get to know you both as a couple and then I craft a ceremony that is exactly right for you! You will have complete control over all aspects of the ceremony at all times.


Marriage celebrants are bound by a Code of Practice prescribed by the Australian Attorney General and failure to meet this Code can result in de-registration.

Occasions4u  offer traditional, contemporary marriage ceremonies and respect the cultural ad traditional elements unique to each couple. We work to incorporate these into ceremony where requested. 

Same Sex Unions
The current position is that members of the LBGTI community can only celebrate their union with Commitment Ceremonies. If and when changes are made to the Marriage Act (updates available from Australian Marriage Equality) we will make every effort to work with the community to facilitate legal marriage ceremonies.

Occasions4u will take photographs of the ceremony that may be used on this website with your permission and will be provided to you as part of your package.