We cannot accept bookings for marriage cermonies until further notice


I am privileged to meet wonderful people at a significant time of their lives, I share their excitement, their worries, and yes, even their sorrows. To be part of someone’s life at a major point in their journey and to help them achieve the dreams that they have is the best feeling in the world!

I provide a quality ceremony crafted to fit with your beliefs and values. Each ceremony is exactly right for you alone. Working together we can incorporate any traditional or cultural rituals into your ceremony and we offer many different rituals that are popular in today’s contemporary wedding ceremonies.

Same Sex Couples

We are  certainly living in exciting times!  I am happy to talk to couples waiting for the law to change to enable legal wedding ceremonies for same sex couples. Your ceremony will reflect the joy and excitement to celebrate together, remaining at the same time, respectful of the journey taken to achieve this change in law. 

Occasions4u will take photographs of the ceremony that may be used on this website with your permission and will be provided to you as part of your package.