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Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is normally similar in form and content to a marriage ceremony. Terminology will be different, depending on the couple. You can have a ceremony that follows a traditional marriage ceremony closely or one that is very different to honour your beliefs as a couple.

As a commitment ceremony is not a legal ceremony, although a Union can be registered with the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages, Occasions4u  emphasises that this is not a wedding ceremony and therefore some elements of the ceremony (the legal requirements) will not be included into the ceremony.

As with a wedding ceremony, I work with you as a couple to craft a ceremony that is reflective of your beliefs and values. The promises or vows you make to each other will be those you are comfortable in keeping.

We welcome contacts from the LBGTI community for Commitment Ceremonies. If and when changes are made to the Marriage Act (updates available from Australian Marriage Equality) we will make every effort to work with the community to facilitate legal marriage ceremonies.

The basic fee for a Commitment Ceremony is $500.00 and may increase depending on the format of the ceremony.