“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” ― Don Herold

A baby naming ceremony is similar to that of a baptism or christening, although it does not take the place of one. Although a baby naming is not a religious ceremony, you can still appoint godparents, guardians, mentors or supporting adults. Your naming ceremony reflects your values and can include religious elements.


I will provide suggestions that can help you craft the ceremony that reflects your desires. A naming ceremony can be held for an older child. It can even be held where an adult changes their name.

At the naming ceremony, I will speak about the hopes and wishes you have for your child, the significance of their name and also involve the guardians or mentors or godparents in the ceremony. They will be asked to make promises to provide love, support and guidance to your child. The promises that you and the guardians make will be those you choose.
I provide you with a naming certificate and also certificates for each of the guardians/godparents, as well as any grandparents or siblings.

The basic fee for a Naming Ceremony is $400.00. This may increase depending on the nature of the ceremony. All prices are discussed during the first obligation free meeting.