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Renewal of vows

So you want to renew your vows?

Usually this is associated with a significant anniversary but can be done for a variety of reasons. Some couples who have experiences traumatic events renew their vows to confirm with their family that their relationship is still solid.

A renewal of vows ceremony is usually similar in form and content to a marriage ceremony. However, it may also reflect the values you have acquired as you have changed and grown in your relationship. Aloti Re-Affirmation Oct 2013

You can renew your vows even if you are not legally married, it is an affirmation of continued commitment to each other.

As with all ceremonies, I work with you as a couple to craft a ceremony that is reflective of your beliefs, ideals and values. You can use the vows that you made to each other on your wedding day or create new vows that reflect the life you have lived together.

You receive a certificate for the renewal of vows ceremony and a copy of the ceremony when the ceremony is performed.

The basic fee for a Renewal Ceremony is $500.00.